Australia focuses more on security as burglaries and property crime increases.

Updated: May 6

In 2021, Budget Direct reported that Australia has the 7th highest rate of burglaries in the world. As the rate of break-ins in Australia rises, Australian households know they need to protect themselves and their loved ones with security systems they can trust.

Security is front of mind for Australians, whether it is checking our doors are locked or ensuring we are protected with security screens. We understand the importance of protecting our families and businesses from danger. Most Australian’s can resonate with the feeling of not remembering if they locked their doors or closed windows when they leave the house and its front of mind until they return home.

Australian’s generally as a population are less likely to install security systems and alarms even with an increase in burglaries at home. In Budget Directs report only 32% of respondents stated they had security comes and 27% rely on alarm systems. Most Australian’s state they simply rely on basic and low maintenance strategies like locks to secure their home.

Data from the report (Budget Direct, 2021) also shows that younger Australians in the 18–44 years age bracket were far more likely to install systems and cameras than those aged 45 and older.

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