Home Security

Our partners at Alarm.com are the leaders in Smart Home Security systems and as an Authorised Service Provider, Focus Security Australia is best placed to install your new security system in your home.

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When protecting your home and family, a reliable system is just what you need.


We will install a system in your home that is able to communicate even if a phone line is cut, the power is out, or the internet is down.


That’s providing you reliable security when you need it most.


Unlike most traditional security systems, our home security system keeps you up to date with what’s happening at home, even if your system isn’t armed. With an app in your hand, smart alerts and reminders, you will receive information, real-time. You can feel secure knowing things like when your kids arrive home and reminders to lock your doors on your way out. That’s smart security, looking after your family, around the clock.


See for yourself: