Residential Security

Focus Security Australia aims at providing security to homeowners to make sure they carry out their routine without any hassle and are contented while away from home. We value and understand how important security is for homeowners and hence we provide personalized security packages which would suit your need as a family. Therefore, our expert team of installers shall install the residential security systems at your residence and secure what’s close to your heart. With the app, your home is just a touch away.

You can access the app from wherever you are, set up reminders and alerts for when your kids come back from school, and get to know what your pet is up to! With it, you connect with your home from far away.

Did little John have his lunch yet?
Did you leave your garage door open?
Did you forget to switch off the lights while you are away?

Take no stress! Everything is on your fingertips. You exactly know what is going on at your home, and can access it on your phone- whether it is the appliances, opening of the doors or just checking on your loved ones’ wellbeing. Remain tension-free as you follow your routine and stay informed, connected, and certainly smart!

At Focus Security Australia, we provide you with two options of surveillance- the wired security systems and the wireless ones. This certainly means, that even if you are renting the property, you can still utilize our wireless surveillance methods for your home. Therefore, if you get a residential security system installed from experienced installers at Focus Security Australia, you will be at ease always.

Not only this, our team of professionals carries out smoke monitoring round the clock, and in case of detecting smoke/fire we shall be in touch with you as soon as possible and if required, we do send the undersigned to set the situation right when the alarm triggers!

Therefore, make the smartest choice for your family and opt for our security system installers and have us at your back to ensure the safety and well-being of your family.